Are you a writer in the western, action, crime, horror, fantasy, or
science fiction genre, or in the love and romance or adventure genre?
Are you looking for a new publisher, or have you already got a backlist of
novels that have been out of print for quite some time, and would you
like to have them re-published as ebook and print edition?
If so, than publishers „Edition Baerenklau“ and „CassiopeiaPress“ are open
for submission of manuscripts in the English language. It does not
matter if you are a new author and willing to start your career with us, or if you
have already established your name on the market and would like to publish parts of your backlist once again.
Edition Baerenklau and Cassiopeia Press published more than 3.200
ebooks and several hundred print editions during the last years
and have recently begun to collaborate with English and American authors
as far as publications in German language are concerned.

Now we are ready to go one step further to become international
publishers as well. Your manuscripts are most welcome and we will do our
best to promote and publish your novel on the international English-speaking
Our company is based in Germany but we will use our long-term experience
with various international online stores and sales platforms to sell your book successfully.

If you're interested, please contact our representative, Mr. Alfred Wallon,
for further details or questions regarding this matter.
Alfred Wallon has been a freelance writer of western and action / adventure fiction for more than 35 years.
He is also a member of „Western Fictioneers“ and has published more
than 200 novels in various kinds of genres.
Mr. Wallon will be more than happy to assist you with his experience
in entering a collaboration with our company.
Please contact Mr. Wallon at:
For further information, please visit:


We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely / Best Regards

Jörg Munsonius (Editor / Publisher)


ALS PAPERBACK DEMNÄCHST BEI UNSEREM LIZENZNEHMER „LitArtWorld“ als Paperback bei Amazon - und als eBook auf allen Plattformen und Endgeräten weltweit!



„Hello Brent, welcome in our publishing company. Your western novel LAST STAND IN SANCTUARY marks another step into the right direction, because it is the first novel in English language - and others will follow soon. Thank you for your confidence – we are happy to have you on board.“




Arizona Territory, 1882. The Apaches were riding rings around the army,
raiding, robbing and killing pretty much wherever they liked. To beat them,
Captain Nathan Kelso knew he had to fight them on their own terms, hitting
fast and hitting hard. But who was going to listen to a washed-up,
borderline drunk? As it turned out, he received support from a surprising
quarter, and was ordered to form Company C, a light, mobile unit dedicated
to bracing the Apaches wherever they found them. To prove themselves, the
men of Company C were given a mission that took them deep into the very
heart of Indian country. After that? Hell, after that, things just got even
tougher for Kelso and Company C …

Arizona Territorium 1882. Die Apachen überfallen, rauben und töten, wann und
wo sie wollen. Um sie zu besiegen, muss Captain Nathan Kelso sie mit ihren
eigenen Waffen schlagen: nämlich schnell und hart zuschlagen. Aber wer hört
noch auf einen abgehalfterten Trunkenbold? Es stellt sich heraus, dass er
dennoch Unterstützung von oben bekommt und erhält den Befehl, die Kompanie
C neu zu formieren. Eine kleine und rasch agierende Einheit, um die Apachen
sofort zu bekämpfen, sobald sie einen Überfall begehen. Der Marschbefehl
lautet, tief ins Indianergebiet einzudringen. Danach eskalieren die
Probleme um ein Vielfaches für Kelso und die Kompanie C.

Ein spannender Armeewestern des britischen Western-Erfolgsautors Ben
Bridges. Weitere Ben Bridges-Western findet man auf dessen Homepage:

Der Roman wird als eBook und als Taschenheft bei Romantruhe Joachim Otto als Taschenheft publiziert!

Die Reihe wird in diesem Jahr noch fortgesetzt.

Der Roman wird als Paperback und eBook publiziert.

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