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A small planet called Dualverse is divided into two realms: technologically advanced, atheistic Inco and Floris, where the religion associated with the cult of the goddess Patri is a symbol of statehood. For many generations, both societies have lived in symbiosis, although they are drifting apart under the weight of cultural and philosophical differences, constantly fueled by the authorities.

Floris is the complete opposite of Inco. Science, money or career rush are not priorities here. Family, love, nature and a quiet job are all that matters. Time passes slowly in this land and religion fills a large part of farmers' lives.

In a seemingly healthy Inco society, there is a problem of reducing the birth of boys due to dietary changes and the excessive use of genetically modified drugs. Eva Noovack, a power-hungry official, takes advantage of this fact and carries out a coup d'état. He blames Barney Clifford for demographic problems, whose previous government was co-financed by pharmacy.

The prime minister must emigrate with his family and friends. She escapes to Patrix, the capital of Floris, where the High Priestess of All Earth, Ae, is at the head of the Church Council. When Clifford's world collapses, he expects Ae to be compensated for his early help in becoming head of state, something no one in Floris knows about.

The clash between these two cultures is inevitable.


Die deutschsprachige Fassung dieses Bandes kommt in der ersten Jahreshälfte 2023 bei Bärenklau Exklusiv


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