American Frontier“ – this was and still is the subject of quite a few of
our publications. Classic western novels from the era of bold and
courageous pioneers, when the great nation was still unknown in many places
and no one knew what awaited the tough men and women who tried to settle in
this vast wilderness.
New Frontiers“ – that is our dream, because we are leaving the European
continent virtually in 2016. We have made all necessary preparations to
fulfil our dream of building up an English book edition. Alfred Wallon
accompanies us on this long and dusty trail – he is an expert for westerns,
crime and adventure novels for more than 35 years. He is also a member of
Western Fictioneers, the only German member in this writer´s association.
He will do his best to keep the western genre very much alive – with new
novels from the early pioneering days up to the colonization of a whole
continent. Not to forget old and classic western tales, which deserve to be
re-issued again. Crime novels, Romances and classic adventure novels – all
this is included.

Alfred Wallon is the responsible man for the following genres:  Western,
Romances, Adventure novels, Crime & Thrillers.You can contact him by the
following adress:

As far as Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Cyberpunk are concerned -
do not hesitate and contact the publisher:
Happy Trails and best regards from Bärenklau
Jörg Munsonius
Publisher & Editor